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Why does my little one need an eye exam?

All parents know the joy of locking eyes with their new baby. Those gorgeous little eyes are developing from the moment they open and throughout their life, but no period sees more change than in the first three years.

It is internationally recognised that an infant should be seen by an optometrist for an eye exam in these important early years to ensure there are no infectious, congenital or hereditary eye diseases. Early diagnosis is key to decreasing any negative impact on toddlers’ eyesight and health.

The screening tests your baby receives at birth and in their first year are a great start, but for peace of mind a more thorough eye exam should be carried out by a professional optometrist around the six month mark.

To take the cost and hassle out of the equation for parents, Eyes on Ardmore’s InfantSEE programme offers babies and toddlers under three their first optometrist eye exam for FREE. We can also treat minor eye health problems, such as infections or blocked tear ducts.

Download the InfantSee brochure for more information.

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