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Danielle Ross


Danielle passionately lives and breathes optometry. Danielle has been at Eyes on Ardmore since 2009, and it’s owner since 2011.

This has provided her the opportunity to steer the business in a unique direction; a direction that focuses on building a world-class team, stocking an extensive frame range and provides a top-quality service to the Wanaka community.

Her strengths are evident in the manner by which she communicates results and action plans to her patients. Danielle acts as her client’s best advocate and goes above and beyond the consultation to care for her patient’s optic health. A little known fact is that Danielle is qualified to diagnose and treat eye disease – an enormous asset to this small community.

When she is not thinking Eyes on Ardmore she can be found snowboarding or mountain biking like a true Wanaka local.

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